Months after its US release, Microsoft Surface Pro finally has an official UK release date. Note 23 May in your calendars because that's when the Windows 8 tablet-meets-laptop PC will be available to pick up in the shops.

The Intel Core i5 powered Pro will come in two capacities: there's the 64GB version that will retail for £719, or the 128GB version with a slightly higher £799 asking price. Both models have a MicroSD slot to further expand on capacity.

A stylus for writing on the Surface Pro's 10.6-inch Full HD screen will come as standard but there will not be a keyboard included in the box. Say what? Lunacy if you ask us.

It is possible to use any Bluetooth keyboard with the device, but for that classic Surface look one of the official clip-on keyboards will add to the overall price: the touch keyboard is £99, while the type keyboard witdepressible keys is £109.

Our European friends will see the Surface Pro launch a week after the UK on 30 May. We're glad to see that this tablet PC will make it to market ahead of the summer months, the question now is whether its price point will give it a fair chance compared to the variety of other hybrid machines already on the market.