Logitech has announced that it's launching a new gaming keyboard - the Logitech G110. It's a direct successor to the G11 and includes a number of the same features as its technological father. It shares media controls, illuminated keys, and twelve macro buttons, but it adds a number of features of its own, too.

There's an integrated USB audio device in the unit, which will allow you to use a headset that has 3.5mm jacks as a USB audio device, providing clearer sound. Many gamers find that the plugs in their cases will "buzz" due to electrical interference, but this should solve that issue.

There's also an extra USB port on the rear of the keyboard, and a "gaming mode" toggle switch that will disable the windows and menu keys so that you don't accidentally press them while mid-match. Very useful.

It works with both Mac and PC (if there are any Mac gamers out there) and costs either £70 or £80 - there's a discrepancy that we're trying to resolve between the press release we were sent and Logitech's website. We'll update you the post when we get clarification. It'll be available in November in North America and January in Europe.

Update: The keyboard is confirmed at the lower price of £70. We promised, didn't we?