Logitech is to buy Californian internet video comms company, Sightspeed, for approximately $30 million in cash.

The acquisition is expected to close in early November.

Said the Swiss company in a statement: "The acquisition of SightSpeed will provide Logitech with video calling technology, and a software and services development team that can be focused on future video calling initiatives that can enable cross-platform video communications with an intuitive, lifelike experience, for people sitting in front of a personal computer or with their family in a living room".

Junien Labrousse, executive vice president of Logitech’s products group, added: "According to our research, there is a large untapped market of people who want to communicate with friends and family using video".

"But they want it to be integrated into their family lifestyle, which means going beyond the PC. We believe with SightSpeed we can help create the next wave of video communications enthusiasts."