Logitech reckons you can set-up its new video security system in just 15 minutes.

And it also claims that the system is a fraction of the cost of rival security set-ups, and you don't have to configure a network or run any new wires.

The system comprises three cameras - one of which you can choose to come with the system - and then buy the others separately. The system can take up to six cameras.

They are the outside camera, internal camera - which stick to glass - and then the covert camera.

The system is based around Logitech's wireless video HomePlug technology, which connects and transmits video data over your home’s existing electrical wiring.

To get the system running, users have to install the Logitech Command Center PC software, connect the USB receiver and then plug in their cameras.

Logitech adds that the HomePlug encrypts the video from the cameras, so it’s secure.

The software allows you to watch live video or review recorded video.

The cameras also detect motion and record video directly to your PC’s hard drive, and the interface allows you to set how much memory you are going to allocate to the videos.

Another nifty feature - users can log into a password-protected online account to view live video online from an Internet-connected PC or a Windows Mobile mobile phone.

The Logitech Outdoor Video Security Master System is £249 and then it is £199 for each additional camera.

We got a demo of the system at the UK launch so make sure you watch out for the video.