Logitech has launched the "Wave" keyboard-and-mouse combo that sees their current innovative run of products continue.

The "groundbreaking" keyboard design claims to be a significant evolution of the familiar straight keyboard, yet, unlike split-keyboard ergonomic designs, doesn't mean you have to relearn how to type.

Logitech has combined three elements in its new design to enhance comfort.

The first is an innovative wave key-frame design that is said to cradle your fingers with a shape that takes into account your digits actual, varied lengths.

The five degree U-shaped constant curve means your wrists don't have to bend so much while the cushioned, contoured palm rest is pretty self-explanatory.

In addition, there are convenient hot keys for both PCs, and Macs, with Vista-friendly elements and an ambidextrous cordless laser mouse that compliments the curvy design.

The Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave keyboard-and-mouse combination is expected to be available everywhere from late August and will have a suggested retail price of £69.99 in the UK.