Logitech's clever input device, the NuLOOQ navigator, is now available in the UK.

The device is designed to work together with a mouse and keyboard, and act as an extra controller for often-accessed controls and options.

Logitech promises that it reduces the repetitive use of shortcut keys or palette access needed to navigate images and documents, or to adjust values such as brush size, font size, and even volume.

With a weight of 1 pound, it's designed to sit firmly on the desk at easy reach, and has a nav ring for easy navigation, including simultaneous panning and zooming, of images and documents. It moves in six directions; left, right, up, down, and twist clockwise and counterclockwise.

At the top of the NuLOOQ is a circular, touch-sensitive disk, the tooltuner, that can adjust tools like brushes and fonts.

Finally, it also has five programmable buttons, or triggerpoints, to call up frequently used tools or commands.

Preconfigured with a range of applications, and customisable for those and other software, the NuLOOQ is compatible with both Mac and PC, and will only be available from Apple online and Apple stores for £80.