Logitech today announced what it is calling a revolution in PC navigation with the launch of two new mice.

The Logitech MX Revolution cordless laser mouse and the Logitech VX Revolution cordless laser mouse both feature hyper-fast scrolling with a revolutionary alloy wheel – the MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel – that spins freely for up to 7 seconds, spanning hundreds of pages with a single flick of the finger and setting a new benchmark in scrolling efficiency.

They also both feature an innovative One-Touch Search button that allows people to select a word or phrase on a Web page or in a document and, with a single click, view internet search results on that subject.

“By giving people the option of using a free-spinning scroll wheel, Logitech has addressed a source of pain for computer users, who previously had to continuously move their index finger to scroll through long documents”, said Ashish Arora, Logitech’s vice president of product marketing for retail pointing devices. “Every application lends itself to different kinds of navigation – and with its sophisticated construction, the wheel can elegantly switch between the free-spin and click-to-click scrolling modes. People who try the new wheel say that they can’t go back.”

The MX Revolution also features a second wheel near the thumb that can either be used to zoom in and out of photos and documents, or to quickly switch between applications, furthering people’s navigational efficiency.

The Logitech MX Revolution mouse has a suggested retail price of £79.99 in Europe. It will be available in the US and Europe beginning 25 August.

The Logitech VX Revolution Mouse has been designed for notebook PC users. It’s smaller in size than the MX Revolution mouse and includes a slot to store the 2.4 GHz micro-receiver, making it more portable.

The Logitech VX Revolution mouse has a suggested retail price of £59.99 in Europe. It will be available worldwide beginning 25 August.

Pocket-lint has been given a new mouse ahead of the official launch.