Logitech today announced a co-marketing agreement with YouTube, the video content website that will make it easier for people using Logitech QuickCam webcams to upload their videos to the largest video entertainment site on the Internet.

Logitech has said that it plans to provide an integrated link to YouTube.com within the next-generation Logitech QuickCam software. In return, YouTube will promote Logitech as its official webcam partner.

“When we launched Logitech Video Effects software last year we were targeting the people who would use webcams to express themselves in fun and creative ways”, said Gina Clark, Logitech’s vice president of product marketing for Internet communications. “The amazing growth of YouTube usage shows that we are driving the next wave of video communications, called Personal Expression. By offering one-click access to YouTube in our software, we make it simple for our customers to record and share their videos. And with our popular Video Effects software, almost anyone can be creative and add fun to their video recordings.”

Logitech’s new QuickCam software, available for download later this summer, will have an icon-based interface that makes it easy to change camera settings, launch video-calling applications, activate Logitech Video Effects, and record video clips.

It will also feature an integrated blogging/sharing/podcasting tab that offers a link to a landing page on the YouTube Web site.