Logitech has launched yet another mouse in the run up to Christmas with yet another unique selling point. This time is it's the MediaPlay Cordless Mouse, a mouse that servers both as a mouse and a remote control.

When used as a remote, the scroll wheel serves as the center for navigation, allowing use of the thumb for scrolling through menus and directories of music, videos and pictures.

The design includes 10 integrated, backlit media buttons - including Play, Pause, Forward, Back and Volume - enabling easy access and intuitive control of popular media players such as Musicmatch, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and others

It will be offered in two different lively color combinations: silver, black and cool blue, or vibrant red and glossy black.

Like other Logitech media products the mouse will ship with Logitech's MediaLife software

The Logitech MediaPlay Cordless Mouse also comes a Tilt Wheel Plus Zoom scrolling wheel that allows scrolling in three dimensions - up-and-down, in-and-out and side-to-side

The Logitech MediaPlay Cordless Mouse will be available in November for a suggested retail price of £39.99.