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(Pocket-lint) - Logitech has announced the Logitech MX™1000 Laser Cordless Mouse, the world's first mouse to use laser illumination and tracking.

The mouse along side the laser features wireless connectivity, Logitech's new Tilt Wheel Plus Zoom, enabling the ability to scroll in three dimensions: up and down, left and right, and in and out. The MX 1000 also incorporates Logitech's proprietary Cruise Control speed scrolling system, that allows you to rapidly scrol through large Web pages and long documents, as well as including a forward backwards button.

The Logitech MX 1000 Laser Cordless is the first mouse with a four-level integrated battery indicator. The four bars illuminate, allowing easy monitoring of the battery level. It's rechargeable - the mouse includes a docking cradle that's both a wireless receiver and recharger.

Users scared of using the laser at home will be pleased to know that the laser light of the Logitech MX 1000 Laser Cordless Mouse is nearly invisible to the human eye - and very safe. The laser beam emanates through a polished silver ring on the base, illuminates the surface beneath the mouse, and then reflects back up through the same ring where the surface detail is captured by the sensor. The sensor has the ability to capture 5.8 megapixels of detail each second.

The Logitech MX 1000 Laser Cordless Mouse will be available on retail shelves and at www.logitech.com beginning this month. Its suggested retail price is £59.99.

Writing by Stuart Miles.