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(Pocket-lint) - Logitech has just unveiled a unique series of wireless keyboards and mice perfect for the social media generation. It’s becoming increasingly clear that our collective vernacular and language are shifting. Emojis and subsets of internet language have become mainstream and widely-accepted forms of expression, and they’re even seen as superior means of communicating tone, desire, and personality.

Logitech’s latest range of colourful keyboards and mice perfectly capture our contemporary culture personality, aspirations, and desires. Playfully titled POP Keys and POP Mouse, they are designed in extremely bright and playful colours that reveal your personality. Furthermore, the keyboards can be customized with retro-style mechanical typing and swappable emoji keycaps, allowing you to communicate freely using your choice of emojis.

You can find the entire range of POP Keys wireless mechanical keyboards and POP Mice at Currys, one of the largest online retailers for electronic items in the UK.

LogitechLogitech's range of colourful keyboards and mouse are designed for the social media generation photo 5

Reveal your personality with vibrant aesthetics

POP Keys and POP Mouse are available in three colour-coordinated and colour-blocked designs - Daydream, Heartbreaker, and Blast. Daydream is a candy and summer-inspired collection, Blast matches your bold aesthetic sensibilities, and Heartbreaker compliments your pop-punk revolutionary vision. Each collection is uniquely designed to become an extension of your personality and individual brand, so you feel proud flaunting it in your socials.

Swappable emojis at your fingertips

Logitech’s POP Keys and POP Mouse have been designed for the social media generation. To that end, the keyboards feature 8 swappable emoji keycaps - four on the keyboard and four more in the box. You can easily change the keys based on your preferred emojis and mood. You can also tap the emoji menu key to access a massive library of emojis, allowing you to communicate more effectively than ever before.

The POP Mouse also features an emoji button just underneath the SmartWheel. The top button activates an emoji menu, allowing you to seamlessly scroll through all the emoji options until you land on your preferred mode of expression. You can also customize the top button using the Logitech software. These features ensure you always have your favourite emojis on your fingertips, whether you prefer communicating with heart-eyes, the fire emoji, or any other.

Bringing mechanical typing back

There’s something immensely satisfying about hearing the click-clack-pop as your fingers glide across the keyboard. In recent years, most companies have veered away from that sound and towards a quiet (and sterile) experience. But POP Keys brings back the tactile experience of typewriter-style mechanical keys. You can feel your fingers bounce across the keycaps, rattling off a stream of clicks, clacks, and pops as you press the buttons.

LogitechLogitech's range of colourful keyboards and mouse are designed for the social media generation photo 4

SmartWheel for high-precision or speed scrolling

POP Mouse features an intelligent, intuitive SmartWheel that automatically switches between high-precision scrolling or speed scrolling. Depending on what you’re doing on your computer, the mouse can detect the speed with which you’d like to scroll and adjust accordingly. This feature is particularly useful when you want to scroll through a large menu of emojis to find the one that best describes your mood.

Available for £89.99 and £34.99 at Currys

Logitech’s POP Keys and POP Mouse are currently available at Currys, the largest retailer of electronic goods in the UK. POP Keys is currently available for £89.99, and POP Mouse is available for £34.99. If you want a wireless keyboard and mouse that allows you to express yourself without inhibitions, Logitech’s POP Keys and POP Mouse are certainly worth considering.

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