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(Pocket-lint) - Logitech has recently introduced two new keyboards designed exclusively for professionals and creatives. The new MX Keys Mini and MX Keys Mini for Mac are being widely hailed as the best wireless keyboards for professionals, especially since it has been crafted for precision, efficiency, and stability using a wide range of cutting-edge features and technologies.

While the MX Keys Mini is compatible with all computers, the MX Keys Mini for Mac is designed exclusively for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. Beyond differences in compatibility, the two keyboards are identical, both aesthetically and functionally. Below, we explore the two keyboards’ unique features and functions.


Minimalist designs suitable for modern workspaces and home

The first thing you notice about MX Keys Mini and MX Keys Mini for Mac is their sleek, minimalist design. These sleek keyboards don’t take up any more space than absolutely necessary, helping you maintain a clutter-free workspace. They’ll be right at home in a workspace, at home, or while travelling. With a height and width of 20.97mm and 295.99mm, you can easily carry these keyboards around.

An attractive range of colours with intelligent backlit keys 

MX Keys Mini and MX Keys Mini for Mac are available in three elegant colours — rose, pale grey, and graphite. The colours are tastefully muted to ensure they fit into all environments and brighten your workspace. Furthermore, the intelligent backlit keys contain sensors that make them light up whenever your hand draws near, and they also adjust according to ambient brightness and light conditions.

Perfect Stroke facilitates an ultra-fluid typing experience

MX Keys Mini and MX Keys Mini for Mac are equipped with Perfect Stroke, Logitech’s cutting-edge non-mechanical typing technology. It features spherically-dished keys that comfortably match your fingertips, allowing you to land on the keys perfectly without the keys taking up too much space. The keys are incredibly responsible and stable, thereby reducing noise and increasing fluidity. They offer satisfying feedback, regardless of your typing style.

Ergonomic design suitable for extended periods of typing

MX Keys Mini and MX Keys Mini for Mac are minimalist keyboards designed using the latest ergonomic principles. They’re designed to ensure your shoulders are perfectly aligned, and the mouse is kept close to the keyboard to minimize hand reaching. This results in better posture and ergonomics, ideal for professionals during long periods of typing.

Smart keys optimize your work experience

MX Keys Mini and MX Keys Mini for Mac feature three new smart keys for greater functionality — dictation key, mute/unmute microphone key, and an emoji key. The dictation key is only available in select countries, provided by Windows and macOS, but the mute/unmute microphone and emoji keys are available for everyone. Since emojis have become an established form of communication, the dedicated emoji key can save considerable time while typing.

Smart power efficiency to reduce battery consumption

The backlit keys adjust according to the ambient lighting and environmental conditions, so they’re only active when you truly need them. They also turn off completely when they’re not needed, thereby saving considerable battery power. The keyboards can run for up to 10 days with normal usage and up to 5 months with the backlighting turned off. You can recharge the keyboards using a USB-C cable.

Sustainable designs and minimal environmental footprint

Logitech products, including the MX Keys Mini and MX Keys Mini for Mac, are sustainably designed, with a conscious awareness of their environmental and social impacts. A part of the keyboard’s plastic parts are derived from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, thereby lowering the keyboards’ environmental footprint. Even the product’s paper packaging is sourced from FSC(R)-certified forests to preserve the world’s forests.

Compatibility with different devices

MX Keys Mini connects up to three wireless devices with Bluetooth Low Energy. It’s compatible with macOS 10.15 or later, iOS 13.4 or later, Windows® 10 or later, AndroidTM  5.0 or later, Linux, and Chrome OSTM. MX Keys Mini for Mac is compatible with macOS 10.15 or later, iOS 13.4 or later, and iPadOSTM 14 or later. The two keyboards also pair perfectly with the MX Anywhere 3 wireless compact mouse, which has to be purchased separately.

Because of these unique features, design sensibilities, and sustainable principles, Logitech’s MX Keys Mini and MX Keys Mini for Mac might just be the best wireless keyboards around for professionals and creatives. You can pick it up now for just £99.99.


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