(Pocket-lint) - Logitech G, the gaming brand of Logitech, has today unveiled a special limited edition colour of its G Pro wireless gaming mouse to help support three charities.

This special edition of the mouse comes in white and is being referred to as Ghost. It's going on sale today and will be available to purchase for £129.99. 

Logitech says the profits from the sale of this mouse will go towards three different charities, all with the aim of helping people around the world with accessibility needs. These organisations include AbleGamers, the Abilities Research Center at Mount Sinai and SpecialEffect.

Those same organisations were involved in helping Logitech create a set of gaming controls designed to give greater gaming access to gamers of all abilities. 

The Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit was launched back in late 2019 and was designed to be compatible with the Xbox Adaptative Controller system, making it easier for those with limited mobility issues to play as they want. 

It's great to see a large gaming brand doing its bit to help out in this way. The charities the profits support are helping put the fun back into the lives of people with physical disabilities that might otherwise stop them from gaming in the normal way. Whether they have difficulty holding a controller or suffer from conditions that cause greater mobility issues these organisations are striving to improve their lives. 

One great example is the StarGaze project that employs eye-gaze technology to help people that have been completely paralysed to live better lives in various ways - including playing games. 

If this sounds like a cause you'd like to get behind, you can do your part by purchasing the Ghost today from 6 PM GMT/10 AM PST

Writing by Adrian Willings.