Webcams are boring to most of us. You just need it to work and work reliably, which is where the Logitech C920 comes in. In fact, this very webcam is sitting atop this computer while we're writing this - so take that as a vote of confidence.

Normally priced at £89.99, Amazon has seen fit to take a massive £61 off the price, so it's a snap at £28.99.

This is a full HD webcam, delivering great clear video capture, perfect for video conferencing through applications like Skype, with a nice clear lens so you always look great: it's certainly an upgrade over built-in cameras on many computers.

There's also twin microphones built in for natural stereo capture, but the thing that's best about it is the flexibility of the attached stand, which is easy to position on the top of a monitor or laptop display to get the camera to stay in place.

There's also 1.8m of cable so it doesn't have to be too close to your computer if you don't want it to be.

As this is one of Amazon's daily deals, the price will be going up again on Friday, so grab it today.