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(Pocket-lint) - With all the touch talk around Windows 8, it’s important to remember that you still might be better off with an actual, hard, keyboard rather than the on-screen version baked into the software. Step forward Logitech (does anyone else even make PC peripherals any more?) with its collection of finger-tappers for 2013 and beyond - just about all of them with a little Windows button in the corner.

The most middle-of-the-road and practical of the lot is the Logitech Bluetooth Illuminate Keyboard K810. It comes off quite small for even a laptop accessory, taking up just enough space on your desk to do the job. It actually works with Apple iOS and Android operating systems and the three Bluetooth buttons at the top mean that it can be paired with up to three such devices simultaneously. The idea is that you can seamlessly switch between SMS, emails or any application on any machine as you need it.

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As you might have guessed from the name, the keyboard is backlit but, to save power, it magically comes to illuminated life when your fingers start to hover near it. Speaking of which, Logitech is promising 10 days on a single charge; not sensational but there you go.

Nonetheless a very smart and modern affair, its brushed-aluminium body and concave design will set back those who desire it £89.99.

Next up is the slightly bizarre but tragically necessary Logitech Washable Keyboard K310. We’ll give it its due: it’s actually a decent-looking keyboard with a nice enough action on it. There’s no Bluetooth pairing because it’s wired but what it does have is the ability to swim in up to 11 inches of water without getting trashed, so long as you keep the USB plug dry.

Why is that useful? Well, hands-up if you ever eat lunch at your keyboard. Crumbs, ketchup and, well, we’ll leave your creative mind to imagine just what else ends up getting chucked all over these things. The other nice bonus is the lettering won’t rub off either; a very reasonable £34.99.

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For the first time ever Logitech has decided to cater for the hardcore PC gamer. One look at the carbuncle to minimalism that it is the Logitech G710+ and there’s little doubt as to what this keyboard is all about.

Naturally, it’s wired for speed, comes with six macro keys with three banks of functions for each one and is backlit for midnight gaming. It’s also as quiet as a mechanical keyboard with huge amounts of key travel is going to get, thanks to dampening rings under each press of your finger. The WADS and cursor keys have been given special grey attention and there’s the finger-bashing confidence that each one is designed to last up to 50 millon keystrokes. If you’d like to test that theory, you’ll need £149.

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Last of all is a keyboard from this Swiss company which is not about Windows 8 at all. It’s about the iPad. It’s the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and, yes, it is ultra thin. It’s part iPad case and part Bluetooth keyboard and stand. Less than 1cm thick, it has an aluminium protector cover on one side for the screen of your tablet when closed but, take it off, turn it around and it reveals a snazzy little Bluetooth keyboard with a magnetic strip where you can dock your slate.

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There’s no physical connection to the Lightning or 30-pin port but the Bluetooth charge lasts a ridiculous sounding six months on a single blast. From those claims, you’ll only ever need to plug it in four times at the most. A nice stocking filler, it can be yours - or someone else’s - for £89.99.

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Writing by Dan Sung. Originally published on 16 April 2013.