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(Pocket-lint) - Swiss firm Logitech has often been one to innovate when it comes to PC accessories. It's been making solar powered keyboards for a while now, but the latest brainchild from its boffins could trun out to be the most useful yet.

The PC-centric Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 is exactly that. Spill something over the keys and you can just run it under a tap. You can even submerge the device in up to 11-inches of water, as long as you keep the USB cable dry.


logitech washable keyboard k310 now you can rinse off your mess image 5

Drainage holes at the back of the keyboard allow it to dry quickly and the key characters are laser printed and UV coated to ensure they don't wash off while rinsing. And like with many of Logitech's keyboards, the keys themselves are extremely durable, able to take up to five million keystrokes.

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In all other senses, it offers the same key layouts as its contemporaries, including 12 hot keys for instant internet access, e-mail, play, volume, etc. Plus, it's compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Available across Europe from the beginning of October, it will cost £34.99 in the UK, and we'd imagine it'll become a mainstay in teenage boys' bedrooms up and down the country. Because they're more likely to spill Coca Cola on their keyboards, of course... What other reason could there be?

Writing by Rik Henderson.