Logitech is hoping to tap into the ever expanding PC gaming market with the Gaming Mouse G300, a games-based peripheral that it states will give gamers the edge over their online opponents.

Designed for lefties or righties with its ambidextrous shape, this 2500 dpi sensor mouse has space for nine pre-programmed controls - making it easy to cast your spell, draw your weapon, or do whatever else you want to get your Leroy Jenkins moment.

The G300 also boasts on an board memory so as you can take your controls to your pals' PCs and it will automatically know which game you're firing up and what controls you'll need.

“The Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 is perfect for PC gamers who want intelligent features that give them real benefits in-game” said Chris Pate, senior manager of product marketing for gaming at Logitech.

“Whether you need more programmable buttons for your MMO, better precision for targeting enemies in an FPS, or a compact, comfortable shape to get you through hours of gameplay, we’ve got it covered.”

Out in September, the Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 will go on sale for £34.99.