Logitech is to bring a touch of light to its keyboard range, with the K800 featuring an illuminated backlight behind the keys in order to aid productivity, even during night time. And, thanks to intelligent motion control sensors, it only comes on when you're around and powers down when you're not, effectively saving battery life.

The keyboard itself can be recharged through micro-USB when needed. It also features the company's proprietary Unifying technology, a 2.4GHz wireless system that connects up most of its current set of peripherals, promising virtually no drop-outs or delays.

Other Logitech technologies are also in play, including its PerfectStroke key system and Logitech Incurve keys, providing soft, quiet keystrokes and indented keys, helping the typist to glide across the pad fluently.

Costing £89.99, the K800 is at the upper-end of the keyboard market, and is available from Logitech's own website, www.logitech.com, as well as certain retailers.