LG displayed their GWL227HSYA non-plumbed fridge freezer yesterday at their Simply Living event in London.

So what? I hear you ask. Well, the interesting part is the non-plumbed aspect. Many "American" side-by-side fridge freezers with water dispensers need hooking up to mains water, which means you'll need a plumber.

The new model from LG is stand-alone, meaning you can place it anywhere and still enjoy the benefits of refrigerated water and an ice dispenser, without being restricted by water sources in your house.

A water reservoir sits in the door of the fridge section, which is then pumped around to the dispenser in the freezer door, diverting through the ice maker to provide you with ice.

It is an Energy A rated device, features an LCD touch display on the front for control and has a 173 litre freezer and 365 litre fridge capacity.

Available in two colours, brushed steel (GWL227HSYA) and black (GWL227HBYA), the non-plumbed fridge can be yours now for about £1100.