LG Electronics has launched a new, "elegantly designed" 22-inch widescreen monitor.

Although it does not boast the 10,000:1 digital fine contrast ratio of the also recently introduced W2252TQ, it does boast a non-too-shabby 8000:1 when set to "movie" mode.

The W2242S is aimed at those wanting a stylish display solution with a "sleek" silver frame and electric blue power light.

Powered by LG's picture enhancing chipset, F-Engine, this new LG monitor claims to have the "very best image definition and colour reproduction available today".

Other specifications of note are the 5ms response time (grey-to-grey), 1680 x 1050 resolution, brightness of 300 nits/16.7cd/m and 170 degree viewing angle.

The price is "retailer dependent" at around the £170 mark and it is available now.