LG has announced the launch of two USB drives with some special features - one is LG's first biometric equipped USB drive - while the other comes complete with antivirus and malware protection software.

The biometric offering uses fingerprint recognition technology, designed for extra security while data is in transit.

When used for the first time, the user is asked to scan their fingerprint via bespoke identification software within the USB.

Password protection can also be employed for extra peace of mind - and a total of 10 fingerprints can be registered with the unit.

In addition to the security functions, the biometric USB drive has a safety ejection to help prevent data corruption and a "favourites" function for access to internet links.

Available in a black, UV coated finish this 18 gram gadget comes in capacities of between 512MB and 4GB.

The "Vaccine" USB is described as the world's first USB equipped with anti virus and malware protection software.

Giving users an extra layer of protection through real-time system monitoring and hardware scans, the Vaccine claims to protect any PC or laptop from the moment it is inserted with its "plug and auto run" function.

Once connected, the USB automatically monitors incoming traffic for viruses and malware with real-time system monitoring.

In addition, users can carry out in-depth hardware scans whenever necessary to verify the presence of infection and perform repairs to cure or delete defected files.

The anti-virus and malware firmware is regularly updated through automatic downloads for the 2-year period users ejoy the licence for free.

Matt black in design with a mirrored front this will be out in capacities ranging from between 512MB and 8GB.