LG.Philips says it has developed a new kind of LCD panel that will be blessed news to those who can't stand grubby marks on their notebook's screen.

The new LCD is resistant to virtually any kind of dirtying. As opposed to standard panels where the coating on most screens' anti-glare layers have tendencies to "hold onto" oil and other substances, this doesn't.

Rather than add another, extra screen layer, LG.Philips claims that it has a simpler and cheaper solution, which the company's head of advanced technology development says is based on a principle "similar to that used on non-stick frying pans".

The prototype display is a notebook-sized 15.4-inch screen and the screen is said to be so resistant to dirt that dust, fingerprints and even permanent ink can easily be wiped off.

Mass production will start in 2008, with larger screen sizes being developed towards the end of the year.