LG Electronics today launches its Super Multi Security drive in the UK, the world's first DVD/CD re-writer equipped with SecurDisc technology.

Exclusively licensed from Nero and HL Data Storage (until the September this year) SecurDisc enables users to add layers of security while a disc is being burned by applying passwords, digital signatures and copy protection to data DVD/CDs during the burning process.

Passwords of a minimum of sixteen characters in length can be burnt into the disc to prevent unauthorised access. Every disc is encrypted with a unique identity to assure the recipient of the authenticity and integrity of the disc and discs enabled with this function are protected from duplication, making the data accessible only through a viewing application.

In addition, data being burned is duplicated in the spare space on a disc to increase the possibility of restoring the data if the disc is damaged and discs are automatically checked to see if written data has been altered through decay or damage, allowing users to back up vital information before it becomes unreadable.

"Most companies keep sensitive personal and business information in their files and on their computers, information such as names, financial details and intellectual property, but if this data falls into the wrong hands, it can lead to fraud or identity theft", said Suan Choi, product manager for LG Electronics.

"We believe that safeguarding sensitive data is plain good business sense and with the Super Multi Security, our customers are given that extra layer of protection and confidence that their information is authentic and secure."

The Super Multi Security is currently available as an internal drive from PC World.