Only this afternoon we were wittering on about LG Electronics' love for all things "chocolate" after today's release of their new MFFM37 MP3 player and then we stumbled upon this little gem on Slash Gear and looky-see - it's a chocolate lappie!

What makes it "chocolate" apparently in the touch sensitive buttons that first appeared on LG's Chocolate phone handset and then saw the light of day on their new range of plasma TVs.

Actually named the Z1 laptop it's got all the tech-spec you'd expect (which we won’t bore you with here seeing as it's not going to be available in the UK imminently) but what we will let you in on is the rather interesting "secondary display" in the lid.

We assume this works like the small outer screens on clamshell phones, giving you brief yet essential info so you don’t have to go to the bother of actually opening the darn thing.