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LG is the first to receive VESA AdaptiveSync Display certification

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(Pocket-lint) - Variable refresh rate screens have been around for a while now, and while AMD and Nvidia have their own guidelines for making FreeSync and G-Sync displays, there was never a clear standard for the market as a whole.

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), which you might be familiar with as the company that makes sure your TV has the correct hole spacing for wall brackets, has stepped in to solve this problem.

To comply with the new standard, a product must undergo more than fifty tests which aim to benchmark the variable refresh capabilities of monitors and laptop displays.

"The VESA AdaptiveSync Display CTS creates a clear, consistent standard for display performance of gaming monitors and helps consumers to make informed purchasing decisions," said Jim Choate, compliance program manager at VESA.

"The world’s first products to wear the new AdaptiveSync Display logo, LG’s UltraGear gaming monitors performed remarkably well in all applicable tests."

The monitors being referred to are the 27GP950 and 27GP850 from LG's UltraGear line of gaming displays. Both feature LG's Nano IPS panels with high refresh rates and 1 millisecond gray-to-gray response times.

Seo Young-jae, senior vice president and head of the IT business unit of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company said "With upcoming 2022 models including UltraGear 27GP95R, we will not only meet the high standards of VESA’s performance tests, but also satisfy the expectations and diverse needs of today’s consumers."

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Writing by Luke Baker.