We will more than likely have to wait for another week or so for the LG-made Nexus 5 smartphone to make its official debut, but that hasn't stopped LG from looking to exploit other opportunities in partnership with software giant Google.

It is said that the Korean company has filed trademarks in Australia for a number of brands that strongly hint towards the possibility of an LG Chromebook. The firm could even be planning additional computing products using the Chrome OS.

The company has filed for ChromeOne, ChromeDesk and ChromeStation.

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All applications were lodged on 16 October and cover numerous technology classes, including computers, laptop computers, convertible computers and tablet computers.

Whether they were filed by LG is not up for debate. Whether they will be applied to actual hardware that finds its way on to the market is less assured. Many trademarks are filed by manufacturers every day; few of them are used for genuine consumer products.

However, with Acer, HP, Lenovo and direct rival Samsung all having released Chromebooks in the past, it doesn't take a massive leap of faith to believe that LG would follow suit.