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(Pocket-lint) - LG will enter the smart watch market in the near future, as the South Korean tech firm works to beat Apple, Samsung, Google to the punch, reports the Korea Times.

The year 2013 has been abundant with news that the top tech firms are looking to enter the smart watch market. It's currently flooded with third-party solutions like the Pebble, which sync to iOS and Android devices over Bluetooth. Oh yeah, there are Sony and Motorola's solutions, but they're a bit on the meh side.


Details are scant on what LG plans to do with its smart watch technology, but according to Korea Times sources, developing a smart watch is part of the company's plans to stay ahead in the market. It's not clear if LG will choose Android or Firefox for its watch OS. 

The publication further learnt that LG is experimenting with a product similar to Google Glass, the wearable glasses introduced by Google last year that beam information right into a user's eye. LG doesn't sound too far along with the product, as it's in a research phase. It seems like every tech company is working on something like Google Glass these days.

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LG has already shown its watch interest by introducing the LG Watch Phone in early 2009. It featured 3G, a camera, three side-mounted buttons, Bluetooth, a speakerphone and music player. We now know it didn't get much buzz in the market, but hey, that doesn't mean LG can't do it right this year if the latest rumours surfaces as true.

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Samsung has already confirmed its smart watch plans this week. "We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long,” said Lee Young Hee, executive vice-president of Samsung’s mobile business. "We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them."

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Writing by Jake Smith.