Many people have complained about Windows 8 when it comes to using the OS on desktop, or even laptop computers. The touch input on these machines is slightly pointless, they argue, because they’re usually not touch-enabled. So a new LGs display is all ready and yearning to feel your tactile input, and give the best of Windows 8 on your existing hardware.

What you get here is 10-point touch, and it’s to demonstrate this that LG has put these musical apps on the screens. With humans having a set of only 10 digits, it’s quite unlikely you’re going to find yourself needing any more touch points than that.

lg windows 8 touch enabled monitor pictures and hands on image 7

The display is able to fold down for better access. Presumably you could use the Windows 8 on-screen keyboard to get some typing done in this mode, although we think it’s quite unlikely that anyone will try to use it in that way for any length of time.

It’s a 23-inch IPS screen as well, so you’re going to get some enormously crisp and vivid detail and colour from it. In our time looking at the display on the LG stand, it was utterly lovely. Touch-input aside, this looks to us like a great monitor for all uses.

You can also use a touch-enabled pen if you prefer, which might lead to some good options for handwriting recognition or for graphic designers to use as a serious drawing tool. This screen certainly looks like it’s got plenty of charm; we can’t wait to spend a bit more time with one.