We've had 21:9 movies, then we got 21:9 TV screens, and now LG has created the "world's first" 21:9 monitor for those who like things wide-widescreen.

The new EA93 UltraWide Monitor packs a 29-inch 2560 x 1080 resolution screen that should give you more than enough room to enjoy those Windows 8 live tiles.

“The cinematic proportions, diverse colour range and all-around functionality of the UltraWide Monitor clearly demonstrate an ongoing commitment to innovation,”  said J.J. Lee, executive vice-president and head of the IT business unit at the LG Home Entertainment Company.

Those who opt for the new monitor will be able to enjoy either a massive desktop vista or to split the monitor into four individual screens with a 4-Screen Split feature.

The screen is so wide that LG says you will be able to view a two-page document side-by-side. 

In an attempt to offer everything to everyone, the UltraWide monitor can also be connected to two external devices via Dual Link-up, providing consistent colour across the entire screen, eliminating the bezels that typically divide the view in dual-monitor set-ups.

Additionally, the monitor offers 100 per cent of the sRGB colour space and is hardware-colour-calibration ready, making it perfectly adept at expressing consistent true-to-life colours that graphics professionals require. 

Ports include a DVI-D Dual x1, two HMDI ports(MHL x1), USB 3.0 (1 up, 3 down),Display Port x1, PC Audio In, and Headphone Out.

LG’s UltraWide Monitor will be introduced in Korea this month and rolled out globally in the weeks following.