LG's Optimus 3D has arrived at the Carphone Warehouse alongside a selection of three dimensional iterations of Gameloft's best apps. 

Three different games will come pre installed on the smartphone; N.O.V.A, Let's Golf 2 and Asphalt 6. Also available to download from the Gameloft store will be another 14 titles arriving throughout the launch period. These include apps like Spider-man and Assassins Creed. 

A special 50 per cent discount will be available on the apps for the first three months using an icon the the Optimus 3D's desktop. 

The Optimus 3D is set to roll out across stores in mid-July, but is out now at the Carphone Warehouse, priced at free from £35 per month. 

The smartphone features a 4.3 inch stereoscopic HD glasses-free 3D display, dual five megapixel cameras and a dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor. No slouch then. 

Smartphone gaming in 3D? Or you keen on the 3DS?