Printers aren't all that exciting are they? There, we've said it. But stick the words "world's fastest" in front of any new piece of kit and we can't fail to be excited.

And that's exactly what LG has done, in partnership with Memjet, for the official launch of the Machjet LPP6010N - the world’s fastest A4 color desktop printer.

Back in January, Pocket-lint got a demo of Memjet's incredible printing tech over in Vegas at CES, although we were told that the tech was an orphan of sorts, with no manufacturer to produce the goods.

But now LG is on board the world is a brighter place and we can now print pages faster than you can say, "please don't print this, think of the rainforests".

Memjet's tech allows the Machjet to print at twice the speed (at only half the cost) compared to traditional colour office printers on average.

Printouts are 1600x800 dpi resolution and it can print at 60 pages per minute. The Page Straight Array (PSA) Technology boasts more than 70,000 ink nozzles on a single printhead which is 17 times the nozzle density of traditional printheads.

It's also a lot more eco-friendly (in terms of electric usage, at least) using just 32W as opposed to the traditional average of 600W.

“LG prides itself on launching truly innovative products and is pleased to bring the world’s fastest A4 colour desktop printers powered by Memjet’s game-changing printing technology to the Korean market,” said Sihwan Park, vice president of LG Electronics’ monitors and printers business unit.

“The Machjet delivers completely new levels of colour performance and affordability and uses significantly less energy versus laser printers.” 

No price or release details are available as of yet, we'll keep you posted.