LG has tripled the skinny options on its latest notebooks - going for a super slim screen, bezel and body on the new Blade range which includes the P430 and P530 models.

Using new display tech, LG is able to offer 1366x768 displays for the 14-inch P430 and the 15.6-inch P530 measuring just 4.5mm and 4.7mm thick respectively.

Combine this with the almost non-existent bezels and you're looking at a 14-inch laptop that fits the traditional 13.3-inch mould and a 15.6-inch one more on par with a 14-inch model. They weigh in at less than the traditional weights for those sizes too, claim the makers, at 1.94kg and 2.2kg.

They look pretty flash too, due to the brushed aluminium finish (created using diamond cutting) and come in blue or black.

Performance should be swift too - due to the inclusion of second generation Intel Core i7 processor and an Nvidia Graphics GeForce GT520M. There's also a 1.3-megapixel HD webcam, SRS and DLNA connectivity.

The P340 will land in stores this month, its bigger brother a month later. No prices have yet been confirmed.