The thing about Generation Z is that they are quick to change their minds. They are indecisive and they struggle to stick with any of their initial decisions.

And now it seems that LG, who only just announced to the world its new range of handsets aimed specifically at Generation Z, is being as indeterminate as its target audience.

For the LG Wink range will see no daylight over here in Blighty - the handsets will all adopt the Cookie moniker, as used by LG in the past, instead.

The LG Cookie, LG Cookie Style and LG Cookie 3G will all have the same specs as their Wink counterparts - they only differ in name.

So you're still looking at a "cartoon friendly" set of handsets that young 'uns should be able to afford by saving a few weeks pocket-money.

At Pocket-lint we have a theory as to why they've changed the name for the UK audience. Kids are a cruel bunch, and if an individual's trainers, clothes and now even mobile phones aren't seen to be the best around then that poor-sod could be in for some ridicule from his or her peers.

And it doesn't take a great mind to work out what the iPhone-carrying gang would quickly rename the LG Wink by changing the vowel to another vowel to pour scorn upon it, does it now?