Lenovo has unveiled five new "green" ThinkVision monitors, the ThinkVision L1711p, L1951p Wide, L2250p Wide, L2251p Wide and L2251x Wide.

The new line-up includes Lenovo's flagship monitor, the ThinkVision L2251x Wide, said to be the company's most "environmentally-responsible" monitor boasting recycled plastics and low power consumption.

The first TCO Certified Edge monitor, the ThinkVision L2251x uses 21 watts of power during operation, lower than the average 49 watts.

With chassis parts made of 65% recycled plastics, it also offers an ambient light and proximity sensor that turn the screen off when a user steps away.  

The ThinkVision L2251x Wide also boasts a mercury-free panel and low halogen components and comes in packaging reduced by up to 44%.

Specs-wise the new range offers up to 1680 x 1050 screen resolution, a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a five millisecond response time while the ThinkVision 2551x Wide gets a built-in webcam and four USB ports.

The Lenovo ThinkVision L1951p Wide, L2250p Wide and L2251p Wide monitors will be available from 23 October for £134, £165 and £176.  

The Lenovo ThinkVision L1711p monitor will be available from 6 November for £124 and the ThinkVision L2251x Wide monitor will be available in November for £206.