Lenovo has begun the Windows 7 battle with a shot across the bows of other hardware manufacturers. The company is claiming that it has the fastest boot and shutdown times out there - it says that its ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktop PCs will boot Windows 7 56% faster than XP or Vista.

Fran O'Sullivan, Lenovo's SVP for the Think product group, said: "To achieve Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience certification, Lenovo's technical team and developers have worked with Microsoft
during the making of Windows 7 to create an exceptionally-engineered hardware and software experience".

Lenovo took several steps to pump up the boot times. It contacted the driver for a "popular wireless device" that was causing trouble and demanded that they fix it. It hid certain devices from the BIOS so that the OS only loaded them when the boot had finished.

It did a similar thing with programs that autoload on Windows startup - relegating them until after Windows has booted up. Finally it stuffed an extra chip into its notebooks to more precisely measure how much battery was left than Windows does and help make it last as long as possible.

Lenovo's got a pretty sticker that says "Lenovo Enhanced Experience" on it, which it'll be putting on the PCs that contain these upgrades. If you're shopping for a Lenovo computer, that could be worth looking out for.