Lenovo has confirmed to Pocket-lint that it would produce a laptop with an OLED screen if there was consumer demand.

In an open chat with a spokesperson for the company at Digital Experience in New York, Lenovo confirmed that they would love to do it eventually, but ruled out anything in the short term citing costs as the biggest issue.

"It's not the technicality of it, it's the cost," our man from the company told us.

The comments echo Samsung from earlier in the year, who while currently are happy to show off OLED televisions at trade shows, has yet to announce any formal launch dates citing expense as the main issue holding a launch off.

So far no laptop manufacturers have suggested that they will be putting OLED into any models, however with OLED prices slowly creeping downwards it can only be a matter of time before someone breaks cover with an OLED laptop or netbook offering.

We will keep you posted.