Lenovo has released a Flickr photo set teasing for a new Vaio P-esque netbook.

The "Pocket Yoga" is shown in various pics, including one that shows a stylus writing on the device's screen.

In another shot Lenovo teases: "One of the Pocket Yoga's many details: a belt that closes the yoga, serves as a nice aesthetic detail and it becomes a MOUSE!"

We will keep you posted.

UPDATE: It seems, somewhat strangely, that the Pocket Yoga is an old Lenovo concept from a couple of years ago given a new lease of life with a recent Flickr set.

Lenovo has said in a blog post that the company does not plan to release the product:

"The picture was of a pocket-sized PC we developed about two years ago, well before the current netbook craze and the introduction of a similar form factor by one of our competitors".