Lenovo has launched an update to its ThinkPad X300 notebook, the X301, which it hopes will continue to take the fight to Apple's MacBook Air.

Launching ahead of a suspected announcement from Apple next month, the new laptop adds to the nine laptops the company announced last month.

New to the mix is greater storage capacity and the promise of improved performance thanks to new memory and processing power.

The X301 will now come with choices of either 64GB or a new 128GB solid state drive, DDR3 memory and the latest Intel Core 2 Duo ultra low volt processor.

Like the nine laptops announced in July, the new X301 will also come with mobile broadband support out of the box and like before Lenovo has teamed up with Vodafone to offer customers a 30-day trial to try before they buy.

The 13.3-inch LED backlit display device will cost around £1878 when it goes on sale in October.

Lenovo has also said that it plans to launch WiMAX supporting models later in the year.