Lenovo has launched a plethora of new notebooks today hoping to appeal to entertainment and business users alike.

On the entertainment front, the SL300, SL400 and SL500 will feature built-in mobile broadband connectivity, optional Blu-ray DVD player on select models, come with a optional integrated webca, non-spill keyboard and software that promises to help with data recovery.

On the business front, Lenovo is also announcing six new notebooks; the ThinkPad R400, R500, T400, T500, X200 and W500.

The new T Series includes models with technologies like switchable graphics, which promises improved battery life, and support for Display Port, while the ThinkPad X200 notebook, the follow on to the X300 will tackle the Apple MacBook Air and is the first 12-inch widescreen ultraportable notebook that comes in a lighter design than the previous ThinkPad X61 notebook

The ThinkPad W-Series is the first in a new class of mobile workstations with models offering the mobility of an Open-GL Graphics performance notebook

All the newly announced ThinkPad notebooks, including the SL Series, are based on Intel’s latest Centrino 2 processor technology.

The ThinkPad SL400 and SL500 notebooks start at £763 and are available immediately. The other notebooks will be available beginning in August with starting prices on select models ranging from £760 on the ThinkPad SL300 notebook.