Lenovo has launched ThinkCentre A61e, an ultra small form factor PC for the enterprise market with green credentials aplenty.

The new system, apparently codenamed "Blue Sky" for its environmental good-guy qualities, uses up to 90% reusable or recyclable materials as well as 90% recyclable packaging and can be powered by an optional solar panel.

The desktop goes over and above Energy Star 4.0 criteria with an 85% efficient power supply. As the first desktop in the industry to run on energy efficient AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core and AMD Sempron single core processors, it can help users save up to 50% in energy costs per year over previous models.

"The importance of maximizing energy efficiency and being environmentally conscious is touching all aspects of our daily lives, from the light bulbs we use to light our homes to the hybrid cars we drive to the green technology we rely on to run our businesses", said, Peter Schrady, vice president and general manager, emerging products business unit, Lenovo.

"Lenovo is committed to providing an extensive menu of environmentally-responsible, energy efficient technology choices, and the ThinkCentre A61e is our signature item. For the first time, a major PC vendor has combined small size and consistently quiet acoustics with a light weight, highly energy efficient desktop offering all at an affordable price."