Official computer supplier to the 2008 Olympics, Lenovo has said that it won't be using any computers with Microsoft's Windows Vista installed for its running of the Games.

Although the business version of Windows Vista has been available since November last year, according to Lenovo's Chairman Yang Yuanqing, it isn't good enough.

The Olympic Games require mature, stable technologies, said Yuanqing, during a briefing in Beijing.

He stated that the: "Olympic Games aren't a place to try new technologies due to the size and importance of the event".

"If it's not stable, it could have some problems", he said.

All vital PCs, which include some 12,000 desktop PCs, will instead run Microsoft's Windows XP software with Vista only making a show in on PCs in internet lounges set up for athletes to use during the games.

But it's not just Windows Vista getting the boot, wireless networks have also been deemed too risky to trust for core communication at the games.

There will be no wireless used among the core systems of the Olympic Games, said Leon Xie, director of Olympic Technology and Sponsorship at Lenovo.