Lenovo has launched a series of new laptop computers today with the focus on improving previous models already on sale.

In total the company announced seven new models including ThinkPad X61 and X61s notebooks and the X61 Tablet PC.

Additionally, Lenovo introduced the Lenovo 3000 V200 notebook featuring a built-in optical drive and Vibrant View display, as well as updating its ThinkPad and Lenovo 3000 notebook line with the ThinkPad T61 15.4-inch widescreen and R61 15.4-inch widescreen notebooks as well as the Lenovo 3000 N200 14-inch widescreen notebook.

According to Lenovo, the new models offer more than 30 percent improvement in wireless performance over previous models, improved battery life, and greater security through new I/O port disablement.

Lenovo’s improved wireless design, Ultra Connect II, combined with a new integrated pop-up antenna on the ThinkPad X61 and X61s improves broadband wireless throughput by more than 30% while increasing the range over previous models.

The ThinkPad X61s goes the distance up to more than 12 hours with an eight-cell standard battery and optional extended life battery, and the ThinkPad X61 and X61 Tablet follow running approximately up to 11 and 10 hours respectively.

The ThinkPad X61, X61s notebooks and X61 Tablet PC start at approximately, $1,484, $1,474 and $1,779 respectively. The ThinkPad T61 15.4-inch widescreen and R61 15.4-inch widescreen notebooks start at $1215 and $1145 respectively.

The Lenovo 3000 V200 and N200 notebooks start at approximately $1199 and $949 respectively. All the notebooks will be available in June. Lenovo has yet to announce UK pricing for the models.

We will keep you posted.