Lenovo UK today announced the latest addition to its product range, the new z-series ThinkPad widescreen.

Two Z60 models will be available - the Z60t and the Z60m. Both models will have widescreens, though of different sizes: The Z60t will have a 14-inch widescreen and the Z60m will have a 15.4-inch wide screen.

For business travellers, the Z-Series will also feature a new inner armour chassis - a ThinkPad “roll cage” - that may reduce the amount of stress on internal components when the notebook is dropped by up to 30 percent.

The internal components, including the hard disk drive, are mounted in one-piece magnesium cage that forms a more protective shell than traditional casings without affecting usability.

In addition to the classic black ThinkPad design, the new Z Series is available in a special edition brushed titanium cover.

Adding to the multimedia capabilities are an array of ports for nearly every peripheral, including three USB 2.0 ports and connections for S-Video, VGA and IEEE1394. The Z60m also boasts a 3-1 media card reader.

The 14-inch ThinkPad Z60t and start at $1099, while the 15.4-inch ThinkPad Z60m will be available beginning October 11 starting at $799 in the US.

It will be available in November with UK prices starting from £690.