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(Pocket-lint) - When it comes to gaming laptops, 'thin and light' is rarely on the agenda. But that's changing, as chipsets and thermal management improves, as the all-new Lenovo Legion Y740S is out to prove.

The 2020 model is Lenovo's thinnest and lightest to date, cutting the thickness from 24.05mm of the previous model to just 14.9mm in the new-and-improved design. It's also trimmed a full kilo from the old design, with a new weight of 1.9kgs.

So how's that possible? A number of factors: inside is Intel's 10th Gen Core i processors, while Lenovo's first ever external eGPU accessory (sold separately), the Legion BoostStation, means there's not the kind of heavyweight graphics processor inside the main laptop body.

The BoostStation supports both Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards, so you can setup this accompanying brick to add raw power to the Y740S - and improve its capabilities with future upgrades. That leaves the main laptop free to be thin and carefree for carting around for more 'normal' work days.

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If you're looking for a discreet gaming laptop then the Y740S's new design fits the bill, but it ensures the brand's gaming heritage is also present and correct: there's a TrueStrike keyboard with lighting, Coldfront 2.0 cooling (featuring Vapor Chamber and a quad fan setup), and screen resolutions up to 4K.

The Lenovo Legion 740S will be available from $1,099; the Lenovo BoostStation from $249.99; both products will arrive May 2020.

Writing by Mike Lowe.