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(Pocket-lint) - We've all heard that flexible smartphones are the future. But what about laptops?

At an event in New York on 20 June, Lenovo presented what it believes will be the future of personalised computing: a rollable laptop with a flexible display. Called Lenovo Transform, its touchscreen seemed to bend in the image that Lenovo showed off. The laptop also had a built-in keyboard and possibly microphones, too, as the concept supports voice commands. It also works with a stylus.

LenovoLenovo Foldable Pc image 2

Although Lenovo mentioned phrases like "new screen technologies," it was rather vague. The company did specify, however, that it's just a concept for now. So don't expect Lenovo to release this device any time soon, or if ever. But we do know that flexible, bendable, rollable, foldable - whatever you want to call them - displays are possible. Samsung even made a screen that stretches like trampoline.

It showed off a 9.1-inch stretchable OLED display recently that can be flexed in two directions instead of just one. Keep in mind most flexible OLED displays can only be formed in one direction.

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Lenovo hasn't confirmed if its concept can be flexed in two directions.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 20 June 2017.