(Pocket-lint) - We've been avidly following the Lenovo Yoga evolution over the years, as the convertible laptop range has continued to refine its 360-degree screen offering. In the top-spec Yoga 910 it's even stronger than ever before, with an edge-to-edge display joining the fold.

Well, sort of edge-to-edge. Like any screen there has to be some bezel, but to the top and sides it's only a number of millimetres separating the actual screen from the product edge.

Like the previous Yoga 900, however, there's a massive bezel to the Yoga 910's bottom edge - presumably as part and parcel of the device's hinge mechanism, to position the screen best when in its various positions - but we couldn't fail but spot it when the device was shown off on stage at Lenovo's IFA 2016 press conference in Berlin.

Still, there's plenty to like about this refreshed Yoga. Its "watchband hinge" - that's what Lenovo likes to call it, but it does look like a piece of jewellery, so we can see why - operates seamlessly between forms, which is what really makes this product stand apart from the rest. Position it like a laptop, a tablet, in a stand or tent position for multiple usage propositions.


The latest Yoga 910 isn't exactly the same as its 900 predecessor, though, it's actually a touch thinner (14.3mm rather than 14.9mm) and features the latest Intel Core i 7th Gen processors. There's also a 4K resolution panel option, which at its 13.3-inch scale would certainly make for ultra-crisp viewing.

Furthermore there's a brand new fingerprint scanner built into the device for quick and secure access - no passwords required. That's a rare feature, with even the Microsoft Surface Book ditching the design for UK shores. So here's hoping this Yoga will be international in its feature set.

The Lenovo Yoga 910 is definitely a looker, then, but it's definitely pricey too: starting at £1,099, this is an investment laptop with enough standout features to warrant its price point.

Writing by Mike Lowe.