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(Pocket-lint) - Lenovo is at CES 2015, where it just announced a tonne of new devices including new touchscreen ultrabooks.

The first ultrabook is the latest ThinkPad X1 Carbon. It's described as a 14-inch performance ultrabook with a super bright FHD display, PCIe solid state drive, fifth-generation Intel Core processors, and a carbon-forged chassis. Lenovo said this third-generation X1 Carbon weighs under 2.9 pounds and will cost $1,249 for the base model when it launches sometime this month.

Up next is ThinkPad X250. At only 0.8-inches thick and weighing 2.88 pounds, the ThinkPad X250 is Lenovo's 12.5-inch ultra-thin laptop, and it features a dual-battery system called Power Bridge. Pricing will start at $1,149 in February. But that's not all: there were four other ThinkPads unveiled at CES 2015 (called the T450s, T450, L450, and E450), and they're part of the the 450 series.

Lenovolenovo shows off 14 inch thinkpad x1 carbon alongside new touchscreen ultrabooks and more image 5

The T450s is a 14-inch laptop that is 0.83-inches thick and weighs 3.5 pounds. It is also a Power Bridge-compatible notebook. The T450 is a 14-inch laptop that is 0.88-inches thick and weighs 4.0 pounds. The L450 is another 14-inch laptop. It doesn't have a touch screen option, where as all the the others do have touch available, and it's 0.96-inches thick and weighs 4.25 pounds.

All of the new ThinkPads will be available in February. The T450s and T450 will start at $1,099 and $849, respectively, while the L450 will start at $699. As for the E450, it's another 14-inch model that is 0.87-inches thick and weighs 4 pounds. It is launching in February alongside the E550, a 15.6-inch laptop that is 0.94-inches thick and weighs 5.2 pounds. Pricing will start at $599 for both the E550 and E450.

Lenovolenovo shows off 14 inch thinkpad x1 carbon alongside new touchscreen ultrabooks and more image 3

Lenovo has also introduced a monitor called ThinkVision X24. It's 7.5mm thin and features a Neo Blade 23.8-inch panel with IPS technology, full HD resolution, 178-degree wide viewing angle, DisplayPort or HDMI digital connectivity, and a tilt-adjustable chrome stand. It also has a pre-coated metal surface on the rear. The ThinkVision X24 will start at $249 when it launches in April.

And finally, Lenovo has debuted a modular system comprised of four modules that can be purchased separately and stacked together to share power and data. The system includes a Bluetooth speaker for $89.99, a 10,000 mAH Power Bank for $49.99, and a 4G wireless access point with a 1TB hard drive for $199.99.

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So...Lenovo has kicked off CES with a bang by introducing a plethora of new ThinkPads as well as a new monitor and a modular system. And the company has promised to make them all available for purchase within the next four months. Not bad. Not bad.

Writing by Elyse Betters.