Just because you like tech doesn't mean you have to dress like a nerd from a 1980s movie. We talk to Matt Hambly deputy editor of Esquire Weekly magazine and the Esquire Weekly iPad app to find out how we can use tech to help us improve our fashion sense.

The most obvious way to do that would be via the internet. You've got loads of sites at your fingertips that are willing to give you advice on what to wear, how to wear it, etc. Mind you, the internet's style advice is only as good as the people who are writing it...

The other thing you could do is find a famous person whose dress sense you like and then just copy it. Use Google to find as many pictures of them as possible, see if you can find out what they're wearing.

It's slim pickings, to be honest, but the male model David Gandy has a style advice app, imaginatively titled The David Gandy Style Guide for Men. It has videos and advice from Gandy and his stylist, Joe Ottaway, on how to dress for occasions, finding a style that's right for you and where to shop.

The other thing you could do is download Esquire Weekly on your iPad. Immediately you'll be more stylish. Women will smile at you in the street, men will ask where you get your suits made and you'll almost certainly get promoted.

That is a tough one. I'd say it's less about a gadget being able to make you more stylish, and more about choosing the right gadgets. For instance, if you own a smartphone so big it requires a holster, that's probably not doing you any favours. Same goes for anything that requires a stylus, headset or Bluetooth earpiece.


1. Stop caring what other people think.
2. If in doubt, wear black - it looks smart, a bit edgy and you don't have to worry about it matching or not.
3. Make sure your clothes fit. I don't mean "I'm a 32, I'll buy a 32 waist" I mean look at where your trousers finish - are they bunching at the ankles? Do your shirts and jacket shoulders sit right on your shoulders? Does everything you own look too big or too small? Ask someone you trust to give you an honest opinion.
4. Be comfortable in what you're wearing.
5. Look at how Phil Collins dresses. Then do the opposite.

I've developed an emotional attachment to my iPhone 4. I probably need a girlfriend

That depends on what's going to make you happy. If you want to look a bit more stylish and it's going make you happy, forgo the new telly and spend some money on finding a good personal shopper instead. Selfridges, Harrods and big department stores, among others, all offer that service. But only if it's going to make you happy. If not, what's the point?

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