The Lenovo Horizon 27-inch gaming tablet-cum-table is now on sale online in the UK at Currys and PC World, for a not unsubstantial £1,499.99 and will be heading to stores soon, with John Lewis and Amazon expected to join the party soon after.

When we first saw the Lenovo Horizon, we thought is was a little crazy. A huge Windows 8 all-in-one that's designed to be used as a table-top computer, so you can lie it down and engage with the interactive surface.

Lenovo aren't just leaving you to try to find something in Windows 8 to play with, as it comes with a range of accessories designed to make it an interactive experience, including joysticks and e-dice, so it will turn into a gaming table.

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We got our hands-on the Horizon at CES 2013 just after Lenovo had announced it, it was virtual air hockey that got people gaming, but supporting 10-point touch, the Lenovo Horizon will quickly become a table to draw and interact, potentially making this PC experience one that's easier to share with those in the room.

However, you can quickly flip it up to be a more conventional all-in-one PC thanks to the clever stand around the back. Yes, it costs you a hefty price compared to other large AIOs, but it can also go wireless, offering two hours of battery life.

The Lenovo Horizon is available online from today, and you'll soon be able to clap your eyes on it in Currys PC World stores if you want to have a play yourself.