Lenovo will soon be offering NFC tech in its line of ThinkPads, allowing users to pay for goods online just by tapping their NFC-compatible credit cards to the devices. 

The news comes from an announcement at the Engadget Expand conference. Lenovo wasn't specific as to which of its devices would be getting the feature, but said it would be available sometime in 2013.

NFC for the most part has been limited to handsets that focus on paying from tapping the phone, rather than using a plastic credit card. But Lenovo's approach sounds smart, letting customers use what they already have on them, to make purchases from their tablet or laptop, just by tapping their credit card to an NFC reader. 

Lenovo hasn't gone into specifics on how the feature will work software-wise or which retail outlets will be partnering on the project.

You bet we'll keep our eyes peeled for this new tech.